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Marmot fat

Marmot's fat is the selection of biologically active substances, the marmot's reservoir for its sleep for several months without food and water. That is why the marmot's fat consists of natural components and has outstanding therapeutical and phylactic properties. The ingestion of marmot's fat promotes the full accessibility in blood, it enriches the organism with the microelements, vitamins, organic acids the person needs for a normal life. The properties of marmot's fat normalize the protein metabolism, stimulate the blood circulation, raise the immune system, favourably influence on the digestive system, support the emotional tonus of the organism. The marmot's fat has the bactericidal effect and destroys tubercle bacillus. This natural product helps to cure the purulent processes, that is why the treatment with the help of the marmot's fat is much more effective then the treatment based on well-known medicine of a chemical origin. The ingestion of the marmot's fat normalizes the secretory gland of the stomach and the intestinal tract, eliminates the pyoinflammatory processes and fistulas, normalizes hemoglobulin, favourably influence on the sexual vigor, raise the tonus of the organism. It is recommended to use the fat in the banya (Russian sauna) or sauna as a preventive remedy for arthrosis. Besides it is used in cosmetology (aesthetic medicine) as an antiaging medication. Today the marmot's fat is the best remedy for peptic ulcer. The ingestion of marmot's fat is resultative in treatment of bronchitis, included deep-rooted forms, tuberculosis, some forms of asthma. The marmot's fat is recommended as an additional source of fatty acids (omega3, omega 6), vitamins A, E; it is also recommended in the process of treatment and as the preventive measures of different diseases. There are no contra indications except individual intolerance.


Treatment: 1 tablespoon 30 min before meal (a.c.) wash down by warm milk 3 times a day

Prevention: 1 tablespoon 30 min before meal (a.c.) wash down by warm milk once a day

The administration depends on the weight. A child and a low-weighted person should take 1 teaspoon.

A medium-weighted person (50-80 kg) should take 1 dessertspoon.

A high-weighted person (more 80 kg) should take 1 tablespoon.

Keep in dark place. Temperature from -20 to +5. Shelf life 18 months.

Formula: marmot's fat 100%

polyunsaturated fatty acids - 15,1%, linoleic acid - 8,6%, linolenoic acid 3,95%, vitamin A - 223 mcg, vitamin E 6 600 mcg.

Energy value: 925 kcal

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