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Musk deer with jojoba oil

There is no similar plants equal to its chemical formula to jojoba oil in the plant world. The properties of jojoba oil are determined by the amino acids that the jojoba oil has: a protein that resembles collagen, is a waxy substance. Jojoba oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which allows you to fight with redness and inflammation of the skin in case of dermatitis. It is effective in inflammation of the joints. Due to its normalizing properties, the oil is useful for dry and oily skin. It can be used for various skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, etc. Most often this oil is used in cosmetology.

The jojoba oil strengthens greatly its therapeutic effect in the combination of musk deer. It nourishes, moisturizes and deeply penetrates into the pores, ideally caring for the face skin, neck, decollete zone; and the musk accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin and subcutaneous tissues. In medicine a musk deer is used as a powerful medication itself or in combination to other drugs. The musk liquor is taken inside for anemia, neurasthenic condition, fainting, restless sleep, hysteria and children's convulsions and also as a cardiac tonic medicine. European medicine uses musk as a stimulant for faintings and as soothing and anticonvulsant medication for hysteria. Musk deer is a fast-acting remedy. It corrects the men reproductive disorders: increases libido, restores sexual activity, improves erection, increases the quatity of testosterone in the blood.

Indications for use. Musk with jojoba oil is used externally:

• for massage

• for any skin type, especially dry, over-dried, inflamed, flaking, aging, fatigued, flabby, with wrinkles around the eyes, dry dermatitis, acne, dry weather-beaten skin of the lips

• Keloid scars, prevention and elimination of skin stretch marks after pregnancy or weight changes, cellulite

• to soften the condensed areas of the skin on the palms, elbows, soles of the feet

• for hair especially colored, dry and brittle, for dry scalp

• problem skin, eczema, cracks, wounds, cuts, burns, minor and major injuries, bruises, sprains, breast cancer

• problems with joints: the oil is rubbed into diseased painful areas

• problems of the male sexual sphere - in this case, oil is applied to the perineal

• for the treatment of otitis - in this case, the oil is slightly warmed up in a water bath and several drops are added to the diseased ear

• for the treatment of sinusitis, rhinitis, cold-related diseases: oil should be dripped. 1 drop into the nasal sinuses

• for the treatment of sore throat rub the throat and tonsils with the oil.

• Intimate lubrication.

Administration. It is used in its pure form or in a combination amount of 1-5% to different vegetable oils for massage, masks, aromatherapy, lubrication, enrichment of cosmetic products, and also as a basis for dissolution of essential oils.

Formula: Jojoba oil, Musk deer.

Store in a cool place protected from light for 2 years.

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